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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 , Posted by MaNeeEe at 1:50 AM

Three Basic Questions

1- What is Get paid to click or Ptc?
Get paid to click is an online business model that draws huge amounts of  people aiming to earn from home. Get paid to click, or simply PTC websites act as middleman between advertisers and consumers, the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the consumer when he views the advertisement. So in other words when you view an ad you are paid for it.

2- Would I be paid? Can't these sites scam me?
Yes this is a good question, one of my sites viewer John asked me this one.
You don't need to work hard for this as I already did it for you, after a hard hitting research I selected these sites and I am working with these for more than 6 to 7 months, I guess.
Look dear in get paid to click or Ptc the best thing you can do is select the best sites for yourself. If you fail to select trustworthy site you may flush you earning.
How to select for the best ptc sites:
Its simple let a website answer a few question. Research yourself don't just ask the site to answer you these questions else you will get all answers positive and still you will flush your earnings. HAHAHA
+ Are you continuously paying your members?
+ Do you have a FAQ and Forum section in your site?
+ How much are you paying your members?
+ What your minimum payout?
+ How much time you take to payout?
+ Do the good names of get paid to click support or atleast know you?
+ Is your password security strong?
 I do have a list of other questions too.(I don't want to get in deep)
So after a research I selected these sites which i offered you to join
They have all paid me many times. Almost every site paid me more then 10 times.
To satisfy yourself check out my payement proof button details.

Working with these sites you can trust me.

3- How could the ptc technique work for you? Just follow 3 basic steps:

Step1: Make an online bank account e.g. Alertpay
To do so click the link below:
 If you already have an account at Alertpay or Paypal or any other Online bank just skip this step.

Step Two: Just click JOIN NOW FREE button for everysite below the article and get a free account. (Its very easy)

Step Three: After registering to the sites just click the ads they provide you. Now Make your own money. Its all.
For further guidance you can hit me in the comment box.

4- How can I improve my earning?
Its easy just by referring other people to do the same task. Once you join these sites ask me for the details, its very easy getting referrals but for that you need some techniques and let those work for you. I have started working for more than 10 techniques to get referral that how i would love my friends to get them.
Before that I thing you we must do is kill the jealousy factor because if you would hate others growing then i would be difficult for us to get higher earning in this business.

A Short Get paid to click Chart / Requirements:
Work: Get paid to click. Ptc

Earning at the start: $15-70/month (Depends on no of refferral you produce)
Earning after 5-6 Months: $ 200-500/month
Skills Required: Consistency and continuity
Character Required: Together we Grow, Positivity, Creativity ( To get more and more referrals)

Get paid to click or Ptc Tips:
1- Dont work with a site with two different usernames from the same IP address
2- Dont sign up for more than ten-twelve sites. I reccomend you to start with 10 sites only. If you need a future success.
3- Search your referrals in your family and friends first.
4- Try getting 2-5 referrals before your first payement, so that you are not frustrated.
5- Don't be frustrated in the start as this business might not pay you satisfactory earning till you have 4-5 referrals but once you have them you would later enjoy it. 
6- If you have work a month and still you haven't got refferral ask me some tecniques to creat them for yourself. 






















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