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Monday, October 12, 2009 , Posted by MaNeeEe at 1:36 AM

Q-1: Why to purchase blog?
Ans. The question influences on the comparison between registered domain site and a blog. We the Consultant Seo Team don't disagree the importance of a website over a blogger blog on the other hand we cannot ignore the words of Joel Comm that blog is a damn powerful tool, so for that  we are not allowed to degrade it as well.
we have several example of blogger those rank higher than a millions of websites such as labnol.blogspot.com e.t.c.
Still not satisfied? Let the consultant seo of Seo Submission think according to your choice tender heatedly that you don't want to purchase a blog but a website with a registered domain.
Hey, Still there is a good news for you, we can convert this entire blog to a domain, for that we guarantee you that you wouldn't be losing any single visitor of the previous blog as your blog would be redirected to your domain, not only the consultant seo team of seo submission but you too can do it yourself for that you can refer to an article written by AMIT AGARWAL on http://www.labnol.org/internet/switch-from-blogger-to-wordpress/9707/  it's an easy task.

Q-2: Why to Purchase this seo submission Blog?

+ Design:
Seo submission have designed this blog with this best of our efforts. This blog is designed in such a manner that it could be used anyway you want, it can be a home based blog and even a business blog, the design has no barriers for any sort of condition. The design itself seems neat and tidy, fit's every resolution and is eye-catching.
We know even you have liked it. Isn't it?
If it really happened leave a comment to us.

+Enriched with new traffic techniques:
Our consultant seo worked hard with it. What do we  mean here? It has almost every bookmark already installed in it that is used to generate traffic to you site just as Digg, Twitter, Scrumble, Orkut, Facebook e.t.c
Secondly it show a little content from every blog posts that if it's attractive it can attract the viewer of your site to stay on the blog for long.
Our consultant seo of seo submission Team has spoted some extra attention to seo this blog

The biggest power this blog attain is it's content.Seo submission team have just posted some magical content that can easily attract the viewer of the site to sit back and read the content again and again. Secondly in the long run the blog can be ranked higher for every of it's page by the search engines as the content is a really magnetic for the viewers.

+In the Process of Crawling:
A good news for every buyer of this blogger that the search engines have just started to recognize this blogger and time is very near that they would rank us higher and higher as, We (our consultant seo) have a good combination of keyword and content. Consultant seo of seo submission team has observed that the content is crawled almost every weak by the search engines.

Our Professional seo consultant of seo submission team have spent an enormous amount of time for keyword research and have selected best keywords those can benefit us in the long run such as a combination of Long tail keywords and small too.
we have 2 keywords in 1 for example aaaaa bbbb cccc ddd is a keyword phrase and bbbb cccc ddd is another.
we remember we spend about a month in the keyword research for this blogger and we have a list of about 26 keywords those this blog might be requiring in the future, our consultant seo of seo submission team would be giving those to the buyer of this blog, we have different keywords present for every branch of the same topic of this blogger you can even utilize them in Meta Tagging.

+ Earning Money:
It's earning us revenue, we have just started to get money from this blog, if you have seen the earning section of this blog you might already have grasped how we do it but now we are planning things differently such as, we The Seo Submission team have got some heavy projects to work on and for that we need to work with a complete concentration this can only be done if we are rid of this blog this is an answer to another question that why we haven't yet converted it to domain.

+Video Support:
Another thing that makes this blog look somewhat different is the video backing up the content and the video is a property of e-onlineearning.blogspot.com.

+Ranked by Different blog directories:
Such as Blog Ranking, Blogger Now, Blog Hub, Blog Rankers, Blogger Ranking e.t.c

+Everything is Ready:
This is the best thing, you have everything on your fingertips, the day you purchase this blog you can start blogging the same day.

Q. Price for The Seo Submission Blog?
I knew you were about to ask me for the price of the blogger.

Price for the Blogger = $ 1200 USD
Price for the Blogger + Keywords = $ 1250 USD
Price for the Blogger + Keywords + Changing the blogger to Domain = $ 1800 USD

How can we justify these prices? It's simple and easy. If you ask a Seo Expert to just make your SEO basics to get the right direction he may demand you $1200 - $1600 USD for that, so in about the same amount I am selling you a blog with some backlinks to it from MSN and YAHOO and GOOGLE, some traffic to it with youtube and other tools, with a neat and tidy design e.t.c


The buyers of this seo submission blog may contact me in the comment box and should leave their details too like Hotmail ID so that we can contact you back.
After that we may decide the mean of our major communication for your further assistance.
And if you are not willing to purchase this blog but you would like to comment us make a comment in "Comment Us" section

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  1. John says:

    Hello MaNeeEe,
    I am one of the oldest viewer of your website I started Reading your blog's article the time you just started this blog,
    It's great and the worth of the website seems more than you stated so I wanted to ask you a question tht why are you selling this website?

  1. MaNeeEe says:

    Dear the reason is I have other aim to work on. I do have few products on the internet those I need to sell and for that I would be needing a new site that would be linked to those products and for me it's not easy working on two website at the same time

  1. Help 24 says:

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