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Best Keyword. A Technique by Seo Consultant

Posted by MaNeeEe on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 , under | comments (14)

I got a mail from Guldeep: Hello Masil / seo submission. I read your blogs it answers to a lot of our questions please reveal a nice technique of selecting keywords, and yes I need a simple one. Hope the consultant seo will answer me early. 
Finally Consultant Seo from seo submission is answering the call.
Everyone of you people could be benefited from a rule most of the seo consultants ignore while seo submission with keywords.

What's a Keyword?
First of all lets know what a keyword is. According to me ( your consultant seo) keyword is the word that when queried to search engines gives a relevant information.
for example you searched msn so the search engines will forward you to msn(dot)com in the first search results because its the most relevant.
Relevancy is the first thing search engine checks and then the pagerank of the relevant website so that how search engines show the best possible site for the required keyword.

How to determine the best keyword?
For this your seo consultant have made a simple rule that you need to follow to determine the best keyword.
Good Keyword = Maximum  amount of Searcher and Minimum amount of compeditors  
when a keyword is searched a lot and it has been selected by very little sites then that the point where you need to jump in and select that keyword for the success of your website. Its Simple.
when the keyword has less competitors it means that you can get on the top of listings for that keyword.

Mistakes People Make. Try to be neutral.
Your Seo Consultant has got a lot of complains for the failure of website failures due to bad selection of keyword and the thing I analysed was a single problem (an extreme behaviour) people select for the keywords which are very broad and have a lot of competition in them for:

Things to Understand:
a- If you are not hiring a seo consultant and not paying for your website marketing like with adwords and other don't try choosing a broad keywotd with lot of  compedition like "money". I agree it would have alot of search per day but the problem is that I you are listed on the 20th page of this keyword you would get a very little traffic.
b- Try search a long tail keyword ( be more specific in the keyword research ) online money, if you can try to be a little more internet online money.
c- Mostly suitable are found with the search volume of 50000-100000 per month with low level of competition.

Consultant seo : Search Engine and Search engine Submit Page.

Posted by MaNeeEe on Friday, October 16, 2009 , under | comments (0)

 It's true that today  I am the owner of this seo submission company as well the consultant seo but when I just stepped to 11th year of my life my teacher started giving me assignments, so whenever I was given one, all I did is just open my computer, connect it to the internet and then search for the required topic by any of the major search engines like GOOGLE. The thing i was habitual was just open the first few pages and finally select the information from them then print the data then ribbon my printed pages and then submit it to my teacher. Let me guess, I think you did the same? Isn't it? I didn't even knew how these search engines produced such information for me and that's what I learned today.

What is Search engine? What do consultant seo say about it?
"SEARCH ENGINE" yes this is the back by which the internet is dancing around. Now lets break the word Search = Find
Engine = Machine, Mechanism
Exactly that's what it's all about a mechanism that finds you the required information, this was an informal definition about them now what do wikipedia say about them?
A search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the world wide web (WWW), it's nearly the same what I extracted from the word Search Engines.

Importance of Search Engines:
A major search engine is the King of internet. suppose you design a site for $10000000 but internet don't have any search engine that can crawl your site tell me the worth of it? Ask anyone to buy that site, atleast i won't buy it for even $100. Now reverse the senario you become the buyer and let me be the seller, now tell me would you buy it?
If we just remove the search engines from the internet our website won't be any anthing but a webpage for us, still they are good to be place in the D:/ drive of your hard disk

How they Work?
It's a technical question for that you need to understand the process of crawler and spyder. Now what are they?
Crawler-based search engines, such as Google, create their listings automatically. They "crawl" or "spider" the web, then people search through what they have found. For the enormous sites whenever they are updated the search engines update them by crawling them again.
Most of the enormous Search Engines like Google work this way.

+Automated free search engine submission resources (includes some web directories and niche search engines):
A resource from consultant seo for seo submission 
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+Best 4 Indivisual Search Engines:
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Consultant seo with Content to increase internet web traffic.Seo submission

Posted by MaNeeEe on Monday, October 12, 2009 , under | comments (2)

Producing copy for use on the Internet can be a bit of a minefield, particularly if you're not aware of basic seo submission techniques and are not guided by consultant seo. Copy plays an enormous part in any website's success and failure, so getting it right can really make all the difference.

It's not necessarily as simple as you might imagine, having to balance good quality copy with something that will motivate customers to buy and search engines to rank you, for doing it the right way you must follow this blog from our consultant seo. So to help make sure your site doesn't turn into a copywriting disaster, here are 10 simple guidelines that should help steer you through.

Keep Content Relevant

Artistic license may be acceptable in some situations, but when it comes to creating website copy, sometimes keeping on topic is best. It could work as a key for seo submission and this is the key on which a good seo consultant works on


If you're trying to project a professional image, the last thing you want is for glaring typos and grammatical errors to creep in and undermine your work. Of course, we're not all the most proficient writers; but if you are going to produce your own copy, always bear in mind that any sloppiness will reflect directly on you and your site. It doesn't need to be the best literature ever produced, by basic quality standards need to be adhered to. The presence of it would not increase your internet web traffic but the absence of it would be considered a flaw of content in relation to seo submission and could let your internet web traffic to decline. A good seo consultant is the one who avoids these silly mistakes

Define Keywords

When using search engines, we tend to type in a few words and select a site based on the results - ordinarily from the front page. In order for your site to attract search engine users, it has to be competitive and include relevant keywords throughout. In order for this to be effective it is often best to outline keywords for certain pages or sections before starting, then working them in accordingly throughout. This seo submission technique should be taken very seriously as this could multiply your internet web traffic 10 times from search engines. If you cannot select a good keyword hire a consultant seo for that

Don't Cut Corners

If you've got a lot of copy to produce and time is at a premium, it can be tempting to simply do the bare minimum. Tiny snippets of copy or taking content from elsewhere on your site or, worse still, from another source, will do nothing to help your site's seo submission and may even be detrimental. A successful seo consultant, where possible always try to use the best possible copy for any page.

Target Your Audience

Don't forget who it is you're trying to address. Websites targeting pensioners should have a significantly different tone from those who are designed exclusively for teenagers. Using terminology and style you can help the copy relate to your audience, making it far more accessible and interesting for them.

Make it Engaging

That the point where a professional seo consultant gets an edge from a ordinary seo. How many times have you been on a website and been confronted with content that is dry and uninviting? Obviously some situations aren't really conducive for over the top language, but simply engaging your audience can really help to make them feel welcome and maintain their interest. This seo submission could increase the amount of internet web traffic and the time they consume on your site, the more they stick to your content the higher the time they stay on your site.

Inform, Educate & Entertain

Lord Reith's old mantra may not have a place in contemporary television, but there's no reason why you can't adopt it for your website's copy. You want to present as much information as you can, whilst keeping it interesting and flowing. If you can entertain along the way, so much the better. Mostly higher ranked sites are good at this seo submission strategy and this way they attract the internet web traffic to their sites.

Balance Your Keyword Usage

According to our seo consultant team Once upon a time you could literally fill dozens of pages with keywords and phrases, guaranteeing the top position in any search engine. According to our seo consultant team nowadays things are very different indeed. Search engines are a far more complex beast, with intelligent algorithms determining which sites are credible and which aren't. By all means use your keywords and phrases to target those searches, just don't go overboard as not only will it upset the flow of your copy, but it may also see your site plummet in the rankings. I rank it the most important seo submission technique as if you are not good at it your site is uploaded on the internet or it's just saved in your computer as a webpage document it's the same, as if you will not work this, search engines will not rank you and the major internet web traffic is produced by the search engines for mostly every site.

Keep Content Fresh

The search engines love sites that create new, good quality copy regularly. So whether you produce it yourself, hire a professional copywriter, seo consultant or use a copywriting service, ensuring your site is benefiting from frequent updates will also see it benefiting in the search rankings too. Refreshing old pages will also keep content up-to-date and ensure you're not left with offers and services that are now defunct. Updating it day to day is an important thing to understand it would decline the internet web traffic more if not updated then it would increase your internet web traffic if updated.

Make Sure it's Unique!

If you find an article online and you like the look of it, never, ever go out and copy it directly. Apart from the potential legal ramifications, it will do nothing for your search engine rating whatsoever. Your site can suffer severe penalties as a result of online plagiarism, so it really isn't worth it. it's not at all a solid seo submission approach.

What is internet web traffic? Analyse the Pattern with Consultant Seo

A Professional seo consultant always does so, he analyse the traffic pattern. If you own a retail store and at the end of each day, week, month, and year would be able to pull up some info on how many people came in the door, where they came from, how long they stayed, what locations in the store they visited, who referred them and if they spent any money in your store - all without ever asking them this information personally... would that be of value to the success of your business? Of course it would! And that's what we (the seo submission team) focuses on.

While building a system like this could take experience, money and time to implement and test in a retail location - collecting all that information about the internet web traffic that hits your website is easy and in many cases FREE!

One of the greatest abilities available to us on the web today to receiving feedback are web stats or analytics. Thanks to many free programs out there today, our clients are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their website whenever they want. Using a stat tracking program our clients are able to:

• Gage the effectiveness of their website to retain visitors and track their return visits.

• View which internet browsers visitors use to view their site.

• Determine the approximate geographic location of a certain visitor.

• Learn which links to external sites are clicked the most.

• Understand the peak times (hours, days or weeks) of internet web traffic on a site - helpful for when to adjust content.

• Assess the ability for internet web traffic to reach a featured page.

• And many more interesting stats about the behaviour and tendencies of the internet web traffic...

With all this knowledge at your fingertips, it's funny to try to guess why people wouldn't take advantage of the many inexpensive or free ways to track internet web traffic activities on your site. While many hosting servers offer some kind of stat tracking service, you need to determine if it fits the criteria for the info that you would like to collect.

There are many programs out there like google analytics, active meter and hitstats. Each program offers slightly different features or reporting styles, so it's important to look closely at what each program will partner into the way you collect info about the internet web traffic that hits your site.

If your using a stat tracking program for your website, now might be the time to take a look and make sure that you're getting all the info that you need to make a successful website.

I would be revealing many trick of generating high internet web traffic it would be a step by step method so anyone it could be beneficial for both the beginners and expert...

Hope You Liked It....

For any questions and queries hit me in the comment box. Thanks

A Seo Guide by Consultant Seo. How it Works?

Posted by MaNeeEe on , under | comments (4)

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the volume of internet web traffic to a web site from search engines via natural search results. Naturally, the more visitors will be received from the search engines if a site appears in the top of search results that how consultant seo describe seo. The process of seo submission is to optimize one’s website to get better results in search engines. The process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to a site, and ensuring that the site places well when those keywords phrases are the part of a web search. The main motive of seo consultant (SEO) is to make a site and its content at higher position.

Every business wants to reach at the zenith of industry. Even each and every website owner wants to generate quality internet web traffic to his site and boost it to a wider market on the internet. A Seo Company like our's (seo submission) makes it possible which have proficiency and appropriate experience in running and winning the SERP race for sites of any slot. Seo submission is not a Herculean task. As you all know that developments and practices in the industry are changing with the improvements made by search engines so seo submission requires brain works, smart planning and the broad knowledge of the whole internet to do it properly for that people may require a consultant seo.

Every website owner wants to increase the volume of internet web traffic in Google, yahoo and msn but there are usually thousands of sites in the fight to be at the top of the rankings on search engines. It can be possible by improving internal and external factors of search engine optimization to achieve a higher position on SERPS. Even there are other Seo factors of seo submission which helps to improve the status of any website like Keywords Placement, On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization, title rebuilding, Content modification, URL Optimization, Image Optimization and Link Building etc. Our Seo consultant here would surely be helping you with these methods, seo submission is not at all a difficult task but a creative one, to be a good Search Engine Optimizer you need to be very creative, perfect and planned. Our consultant seo would be explaining all of the seo submission strategies in details in the upcoming posts.

Seo submission is a long process which may need a professional seo consultant and if you really want visitors to  your site then it is the main requirement of your website to attain a higher position on search engines. For example if you really have a great website and spend entire day's time in making additions to it and on the other hand no body is visiting your website then it is really a wastage of time to have a website like this. The truth is that when people want something on internet, they search in the search engines. That time if your site is not listed then You Are Missing a Valued Customer.

I recommend all of my viewers to subscribe with my feed and become the follower of this site to know the upcoming exact strategies by consultant seo you need to implement for your website. The upcoming strategies will surely be revealed in the upcoming posts.

I think it's enough for today.
Have a Good Day.

Why always reporting scams? Unable to find legitimate home jobs?

It happens to all of us. It may have already happened to you - especially if you're just starting out in online business: frustration. The frustration of signing up with that "golden" opportunity to make a "fortune" online. "No cash up front!" "Work only 1 hour a day!" "Get that new car next week!"
We've all seen these types of hyped up ads. I mean, the Internet is literally drowning in them. With so much publicity and marketing flooding your browser, how can you tell which of the opportunities are for legitimate home jobs- and which just want to scam you for your credit card numbers?
Basically, there are only 2 ways to find the ripe fruit in an orchard virtually overgrown with rotten apples. (Legitimate or not?)
1 - Sign up, pay the price. Do the "work" and realize too late that you just flushed your hard-earned cash down the toilet, huh then start reporting scams that I have been a victim of computer scams or website scams, watever but its not useful, dear you are too late.
2 - Do your due diligence. Search; research; find views, reviews and opinions of those who have already signed up, especially find people reporting scams ask them about the pattern they were scammed with e.g they wasn't at all paid or paid little? did the company accepted that they worked for them or not? e.t.c because many of the website scams and computer scams work differently. (DO NOT rely exclusively on the onsite testimonials for this as they are just too easy to fake); search for bios of the creators, designers AND those who provide testimonials; read EVERY word on the page promoting the opportunity; follow available links to affiliates and check out their credentials too; read every online article you can find relating to the opportunity; if you sign up for their newsletter, create a special email account to receive it just in case you can't unsubscribe (keeps the spam out of your main inbox). Lather, rinse & repeat. Then, if the opportunity still appeals to you, sign up, dive in and STICK TO IT until your earn online cash from it, remember that is all you have to do find out wether the opportunity is a part of legitimate home jobs or a website scams.
I think we can agree that option #1 is pretty much a gamble. Option #2 would however probably deliver much more satisfactory results and this way you may find legitimate home jobs. So why is it that so many of us get lured in by the website scams and afterwards shout reporting scams? That's actually quite an easy question to answer: gratification. Taking the route outlined in option #2 requires a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of patience. The gamble illustrated in option #1 does have it's appeal: "Wow, this could be THE solution I've been looking for!".
Any search for solutions that we may undertake (whether for online business opportunities, or for anything else for that matter) is influenced by our desire for gratification - and the sooner, the better. It's that desire for immediate results that gets us into trouble. Unscrupulous marketers know this and are able to capitalize on it; it's called impulse buying. How many times have you purchased that cheap gadget or that totally useless little doohickie at the drug store checkout only to have wind up in the trash within a week?
Frustration is the result of unfulfilled desire.
Signing up for those website scams with no due diligence is simply an attempt to fulfill a desire for immediate gratification: earn online cash INSTANT. There's the trap: NO legitimate home jobs opportunity is going to provide you with such immediate income. Legitimate home jobs do require work, research & education. Most of them provide that education based on their years of experience and the research that they have already done for you.
So, how do you deal with the frustration that you may be feeling after having been "suckered"? Simple: you must first understand - and accept - that you were reacting to a very human desire to feel better right now. The key here is then to invest in your feelings or it would result you reporting scams after becoming a victim of it.
Invest in my feelings? Huh? Let me explain. Which emotion do you prefer: disappointment or excitement? I think the answer to that is obvious. You can easily generate disappointment and frustration by reacting to your desires. You can just as easily generate excitement and mounting anticipation of future fulfillment by acting on your desires. Notice the difference? You can choose to react or to act - it's up to you. Either way, it's of the utmost importance to accept responsibility for the consequences - including how you feel.
Take your time to investigate the legitimate home jobs opportunities so that you can punch those computer scams. Visit websites that provide information on a variety of legitimate home jobs programs. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of signing up with programs that provide one income stream versus those that provide multiple streams of income. Due diligence; with both your feelings, and with the online business opportunities you may be considering. It's what will make or break your online success.

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