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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 , Posted by MaNeeEe at 12:27 PM

I got a mail from Guldeep: Hello Masil / seo submission. I read your blogs it answers to a lot of our questions please reveal a nice technique of selecting keywords, and yes I need a simple one. Hope the consultant seo will answer me early. 
Finally Consultant Seo from seo submission is answering the call.
Everyone of you people could be benefited from a rule most of the seo consultants ignore while seo submission with keywords.

What's a Keyword?
First of all lets know what a keyword is. According to me ( your consultant seo) keyword is the word that when queried to search engines gives a relevant information.
for example you searched msn so the search engines will forward you to msn(dot)com in the first search results because its the most relevant.
Relevancy is the first thing search engine checks and then the pagerank of the relevant website so that how search engines show the best possible site for the required keyword.

How to determine the best keyword?
For this your seo consultant have made a simple rule that you need to follow to determine the best keyword.
Good Keyword = Maximum  amount of Searcher and Minimum amount of compeditors  
when a keyword is searched a lot and it has been selected by very little sites then that the point where you need to jump in and select that keyword for the success of your website. Its Simple.
when the keyword has less competitors it means that you can get on the top of listings for that keyword.

Mistakes People Make. Try to be neutral.
Your Seo Consultant has got a lot of complains for the failure of website failures due to bad selection of keyword and the thing I analysed was a single problem (an extreme behaviour) people select for the keywords which are very broad and have a lot of competition in them for:

Things to Understand:
a- If you are not hiring a seo consultant and not paying for your website marketing like with adwords and other don't try choosing a broad keywotd with lot of  compedition like "money". I agree it would have alot of search per day but the problem is that I you are listed on the 20th page of this keyword you would get a very little traffic.
b- Try search a long tail keyword ( be more specific in the keyword research ) online money, if you can try to be a little more internet online money.
c- Mostly suitable are found with the search volume of 50000-100000 per month with low level of competition.

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